I am chair of the psychology department honours committee for 2018-19. If you are planning to take any 4000-level PSYC courses, see these registration instructions. If you would like to discuss our honours program or your course of study, please feel free to email <jp.friesen@uwinnipeg.ca> with questions or to make an appointment.

Office hours for advising and all courses is Wednesdays 1:30-2:20 in 4C78B. This means I’m guaranteed to be there during that hour, but you can also make an appointment at other times.

Organizational Leadership & Decision Making (PSYC 3450-001 & 002)

Fall 2018

Tuesday/Thursday 10:00-11:15 (3M59) & 2:30-3:45 (3M67)

Social Psychology II (PSYC 2410-002)

Winter 2019

Monday/Wednesday 2:30-3:45 (4C60)

The text for this course will be Social Psychology, 6th Canadian Edition by Aronson, Wilson, Fehr, & Akert (2016). It is also used across UW’s sections of PSYC 2400, so there should be many used copies available. Online access to Pearson REVEL (e.g., electronic version, study resources) is bundled with new copies of the textbook; this material is not required for the course.

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