Lab research was presented at the February, 2019, meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Friesen gave a talk on “Situational influences of trust on intergroup biases in face processing” in a symposium titled The Face of the Other. Alesha Frederickson presented her honours thesis as a poster titled “Why sweat may equal threat: Women’s perceptions of threat and belonging in gym environments.”

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The article that Troy Campbell and I wrote for Scientific American's website was published in their Winter 2017/18 special collector's print edition - "The Science Behind the Debates".

I was interviewed by The Toronto Star for an article "The Science of Why We Won't Stop Believing" -- part of their series on "The Age of Unreason".

My coauthor Troy Campbell was interviewed about our work on the unfalsifiability of political beliefs in relation to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: Why Facts Do Little to Change Political Beliefs

I recently attended the Pathways to Prosperity national conference on immigration in Canada. See this coverage by the UWinnipeg News Centre.

My postdoctoral lab's research was recently featured on CBC's The National. Relevant clip starts at 9:02. [Link to the written coverage]

My recent talk at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in Long Beach, CA.

Other speakers in our symposium, "The Politics of Inequality and the Inequality of Politics":