For undergraduates, if you are interested in firsthand experience conducting psychological research, Dr. Friesen may have opportunities for you in his lab. We use social psychological theory and social cognitive methods to study important social problems. Conducting laboratory studies in psychology can give you invaluable experience for graduate school or other careers in research.  

If you are interested in volunteering as a research assistant or being an honours thesis or advanced readings student, please email Professor Friesen. Include why you're interested in psychological research and a short description of your plans for the next few years. Paid opportunities are sometimes also available; these would generally be posted on the university’s HR website or the department’s facebook page, or are given to students who have been previous volunteers or honours/readings students.

The University of Winnipeg does not have a graduate program in psychology, but some of our faculty (co)supervise students as adjunct faculty members of the University of Manitoba psychology department.